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Shooting yourself by accident

Superb article!


I’m not so sure about the empirical reality of the Farnham [sic] idea: “The person most likely to shoot you is YOU. Why? Because you’re always there.” It just seems incorrect to say, so I am wondering what the broader idea he is conveying is supposed to be.

Since John’s statement generated some incredulity, I will elaborate on it. His comment referred to the often atrocious gunhandling he sees, not people committing suicide. Improper and dangerous gunhandling regularly results in gunowners turning themselves into casualties, although not necessarily fatalities.

The reason I included John’s quote began with a statement he made in the first DTI class I took. The statement was “Eighty percent of police officers who are shot shoot themselves.” Once again, he was not referring to suicide but rather negligent shootings where the officer injured himself or herself. Whether that is still true, I don’t know. I do…

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Carry Methods – S.O.B.

The AR-t of War

Nah, dis post ain’t about dat booty, doe. Weird featured picture, I know.

This is actually going to be the first of a series of articles where we examine different methods of every day carry. To be honest, I couldn’t give it a number or part assignment since I have no idea how many of these we’ll actually go through! Just off the top of my head I can think of strong side hip, cross-draw, appendix, shoulder, pocket, off-body, and maybe even a few other crazy ones.

Today, we’re going to take a quick look at the small of the back carry (S.O.B.) method. It’s not really that common, in fact I’ve never really seen it done “in the wild”. I suppose that’s why it’s called “concealed carry”, but you get the picture. Every firearms instructor, defensive tactics instructor, martial artist, or avid student of the gun I’ve ever met…

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