Train Hard. Stay Safe.

Concealed Carry News & Some Real Estate Tips Too!


WE ALL KNOW THAT WE FIGHT like we train.

But do we really train effectively? Think about your last session at the range. First of all, let’s hope it was recent enough that you remember it. Next, did you simply just load up a few magazines and put a few rounds downrange as you focused on the front sight and worked the single- action trigger pull? That is shooting and while we need a foundation in marksmanship, that is not training.

Did you draw from concealment, racing against a timer to add some stress? That’s better, but think about what you are doing. You could be imprinting a training scar in your efforts to improve your skills. You are teaching yourself to draw and shoot; draw and shoot; draw and shoot. Good skills, yes, but that is not the correct sequence for a deadly force encounter. Here is the sequence you should engrain in your…

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