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Carry Methods – Appendix

The AR-t of War

Appendix carry is probably one of the fastest growing and most “in vogue” methods of carry today. Gabe Suarez of Suarez International has been one of the primary forces behind this modern carry trend. I’ve recently noticed a lot of dudes around the internet proclaiming the values of this method so I figured I’d give it a try… in the name of science!

The Rig

For this trial run I decided to run my EDC gun, a Glock 19, in a Bravo Concealment DOS holster. The DOS stands for Drop Out of Sight, and is purpose built just for appendix carry. Although it can be used in other positions, it definitely is best employed in the appendix position. It’s a simple kydex system that Bravo Concealment is famous for. It has tuckable “quick clips” that can be slid over the pants and belt. This is an awesome feature simply because it…

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